Money Talks: Sheila Johnson Helps Fund ‘The Butler’

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The Weinstein Company put up another $30 million to market and distribute the film, a welcome assist from a company known to champion and with a very successful track record of supporting Oscar-winning films. “It’s really great that [Harvey Weinstein] picked up distribution.

“That’s where Black movies suffer, because they can’t get distribution. So we want to do $60 million more and we’re on our way.” Johnson says that she is proud of her involvement in the film. She felt moved to participate because of the film’s themes of racial struggle and also it’s depiction of an ordinary Black family living their lives despite the harsh discrimination and obstacles they faced every day.

“This is one of the greatest unsung heroes and this is a story that needed to be told. Within the African-American culture, we’ve got a lot of people out there like this who have great stories. If there is a compelling script that can be put together into a screenplay, we can do this. This is not only a great story but it’s an inspiring story, it’s an educational story. I decided I was going to make it my mission to get this film made.”

For showtimes, tickets and more info on “The Butler” click here. 

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4 thoughts on “Money Talks: Sheila Johnson Helps Fund ‘The Butler’

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  2. Well, I am very glad that she did, because it was a phenomenal movie. Very diverse audience when I went to see it on Friday, and was happy to see the non-Blacks standing and applauding when it was over. Very inspirational movie and a MUST SEE!

  3. Me my wife and inlaws viewed this movie. It is a great story of the injustice Black Americans had to and ares still facing everyday. GO SEE IT!

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