Little Known Black History Fact: Willie Louis

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Then in 2004, Louis told CBS’ “60 Minutes” about his experience. Willie Louis was a native of Greenwood, Mississippi. He was raised in a family of black sharecroppers and worked in the cotton fields. Though he was 18 years old, Louis was only in the 9th grade during the Emmett Till murder.

Willie Reed died in Oak Lawn, Illinois on July 18, 2013. He was 76 years old and one of the few living witnesses from the Emmett Till trial.

(Photo: Willie Louis stands on the right, AP)

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7 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Willie Louis

  1. AUTOMATIC HEAVEN FOR NEGROES: I contend & argue violently that Black People have suffered more than Jesus. As such, Black People should be EXEMPT from going to Hell, because WE have already experienced Hell.

  2. Invaluable info especially for Black America, just invaluable & I thank you for disclosing this priceless info during a time when it is obvious we have dropped the baton.

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