Suspect Arrested, Charged With Murder For Brutal Stabbing Death Of 6 Year Old

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    Police have arrested Matthew Flugence, 20,  for the brutal stabbing death of Ahlittia North, the 6-year-old Harvey, La., girl who was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night last Saturday.

    Flugence is the nephew of Ahlittia’s stepfather and often served as her babysitter and sometimes lived with the couple. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office plans to charge Flugence with first-degree murder in the girl’s death. He will also be booked on an outstanding warrant for the alleged sexual abuse of another 11-year-old Harvey girl. Authorities now say Flugence confessed to the murder and allegedly admitted to murdering the girl sometime Saturday morning.

    The Times-Picayune reports that Ahlittia died a brutal death by stabbing, according to an autopsy conducted by the Jefferson Parish Coroners Office. The child had four stab wounds and bruising all over her body. The fatal wounds consisted of two very deep cuts on the side of the girl’s neck. The knife wounds were deep enough to pass through the cartilage in her spine and into her bone.

    “That’s a very aggressive stab wound,” coroner Gerry Cvitanovich told the paper. The coroner’s office says there are no initial signs of sexual abuse but police declined comment on the issue.

    After her death, Ahlittia’s body was wrapped in her own comforter and discarded in a dumpster not far from where the little girl lived.

    Hours after Flugence was named as a person of interest in the case, police were flooded with calls that he was in Westwego. Police were able to arrest him. Authorities say Flugence was carrying a knife that he allegedly admitted was the murder weapon, the paper reports.

    Ahlittia’s mother, Lisa North, 20, was distraught at the news.

    “I don’t understand the reason,” she told the paper Tuesday evening. “To say, ‘I’m just going to kill your daughter?’ I don’t understand.”

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    7 thoughts on “Suspect Arrested, Charged With Murder For Brutal Stabbing Death Of 6 Year Old

    1. I have an issue with you making light of a 6 year old girls death. It has nothing to do with giving anyone a pass. The tragedy is in her death, not in who took her life.

      • Paris, there seems to be a double standard here. The tragedy of Trayvon’s death was ALL ABOUT who took his life.

    2. Paris no offense intended. Are we that demented that we give a free pass to this sick person because he’s black?

    3. Jiggy5, what’s wrong the white racist websites aren’t getting if for you anymore? Well I for one am not disturbed by your comments because I know you are only trying to get a rise out of people on this website. You poor pitiful fool.

    4. It’s scary to think that people this evil are walking this earth and harder to believe two in the same family.

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