COMMENTARY: Putting Tracy Martin on the Stand Was Mean-Spirited, Pointless

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  • I believe Tracy Martin.

    In an emotional testimony Monday, Martin took the witness stand in the trial of George Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain accused of murdering Martin’s unarmed son, Travyon, on a rainy night in Sanford, Florida last year.

    Zimmerman’s attorneys called Martin to the stand after a law enforcement officer testified Monday that Martin told him that while listening to 911 tapes of Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin a year ago, Tracy Martin said the voice screaming “help” on the recording was not Trayvon.

    But under oath on Monday, Tracy Martin, a grieving father, was firm in his testimony that the cop was mistaken, delivering a blow to the callous defense strategy.

    The 911 tape has emerged as a critical piece of evidence in the three-week long trail. Trayon Martin’s mother, Sybrina, and Travyon’s brother, Jahvaris, testified that the screaming voice on the tape was Trayvon. Zimmerman’s mother, Gladys, and several friends of Zimmerman testified that it’s actually Zimmerman screaming for help.

    The testimony of the witnesses, called by the defense, could be crucial as Zimmerman’s lawyers try to show that Trayvon, 17, was the aggressor and that Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

    So who will the jury believe? I hope the jury takes into account that Zimmerman’s attorney called Tracy Martin to the stand and forced him to relive the final moments of Travyon’s Martin’s life.

    It seemed mean-spirited and pointless.

    But Tracy Martin was not shaken by Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, who tried to prove that Martin was lying about what he initially told police.

    “As best as I recall, after he played the tape he basically just said, ‘Do you recognize the voice?’” Martin said of the police officer.

    “And what was your response?” asked O’Mara.

    “My response was that I didn’t tell him, ‘No, that wasn’t Trayvon.’ I think I kind of pushed away from the table and kind of shook my head and said, ‘I can’t tell,” said Martin. He said he has no knowledge of an enhanced version of the call and he didn’t tell anyone he had listened to one.

    “After listening to the tape maybe 20 times, I said I knew it was Trayvon’s voice. I didn’t direct that towards any family members,” Martin said. “Matter of fact, I think the family members had started leaving out the room. It was too much for them, they couldn’t take it.”

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    37 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Putting Tracy Martin on the Stand Was Mean-Spirited, Pointless

    1. Jan and the “doctor” continue to troll. They don’t know about us being brought here to build the country and still being vilified. Ship out the black and brown and try to make it without us.

    2. Its a sad, tragic and emotionally charged case. But sadly, given the evidence or lack there of, for Zimmerman to be convicted it would be a travesty of justice. No one knows for sure if Zimmerman is telling the complete truth, but his broken nose, smashed in back of head, and eye witnesses claiming they saw martin wailing on a helpless Zimmerman created a strong case for self defense.

      What people should be angry about is laws that allow people to carry a gun. If he didnt have a gun, Zimmerman could have just played dead or acted knocked out and Trayvon prob would have left him alone. But because he had a gun on him he probably rightfully felt fear Trayvon could have turned his weapon against him.

      No gun, Trayvon would have been arrested for assault and no one would have heard of this.

    3. Why are all of these white racists posting these anti-Black comments on this blog? Your hateful, racist comments are not going to sway ANY Black people. All you are doing is showing Black people that you are exactly the racist SOBs that we know you to be! Shut your bitch-azzes up!

    4. Putting Tracy Martin on the stand was pointless and heartless. Don’t know if it helped or hurt the defenses case but my heart sure goes out to him and the rest of the Martin family. As for Zimmerman, whether he gets convicted in a court of law or not, if he took that CHILD’s life for no reason, GOD will be the ultimate judge… I pray for Peace and Blessings for the Martin family whatever the outcome.

      • Mmm, does marijuana gives you wings? I don’t know for sure, because I’ve never smoked weed before, but I was under the impression it makes you mellow, not aggressive. Speed, on the other hand, may make you aggressive (as far as I know, again I’ve never tried it), and it appears that Zimmerman was prescribed something like speed.

        • Rhea, marijuana does not give any one wings from what I have read about that illegal drug which Trayvon was high on that illegal dope at the time he assaulted Mr. Zimmerman. What Mr. Zimmerman allegedly had in his system is not part of this trial and not relevant. Try, instead Rhea, to just deal only with the facts of this case instead of your convoluted misnomers and pure speculations. Good luck.

        • Well, see, Jan, that’s where you’re wrong. If Zimmerman had a drug in his system that made him more aggressive, not only is it relevant to rebutting a claim of self-defense (as it can go toward whether it is more likely that he is the primary aggressor), but it is much more relevant than any marijuana that may have been in Trayvon’s system. You yourself have just admitted that marijuana does not give you wings (meaning, it does not make you want to fight). Try, instead, JanCorey, to follow logical patterns and synthesize information, and while you’re at it, learn what a “misnomer” is.

        • Rhea, you have proven to be wrong according to the facts of this case, hence, because of your lack of understanding of Facts and the Law, you are far beyond any further response from anyone since you have demonstrated ohh soooo well that you refuse the facts and want to rely upon your misguided-emotions. Take some classes would be my best remedy for you Rhea, you’re clearly out of the loop here on education-of-the-real-facts in this case.

        • It irks you that I’m right, and that you know on some level that I’m right, doesn’t it? Then my work here is done. Have a nice night, sweetheart.

        • I agree with you Rhea that I am right and you are wrong. Facts do matter! Acquittal is near.

        • You have consistently proven to be wrong on each of your posts, how long since you visited your doctors?

        • Get ready for the upcoming acquittal Rhea, that will sink the boat on all of your attacks against people like me who are better informed to the facts than you. Stay away from all sharp objects and always let a competent adult know when you plan to be alone.

    5. This entire situation is terrible. I have two sons and 5 grandsons! I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I grieve for the family of Trayvon and yes for the family of Zimmerman as well. Even though Zimmerman should have manned up and told what really happened. The lives of the Martins will forever be scarred.

    6. Sabrina and Tracy are going to be fine. They already know how this racist ass system is. They will be strong for their baby. The judge is white, the prosectors are white, and the defense attornies are white. We pretty much know how to hold out own when we are dealing with courts. I hope they get justice for their son.

      • For centuries whites have been abusing and discriminating against minorities. They believe it’s their God given right and white privilege to do so. That’s why there are so many hateful comments from them on this thread. It’s in their nature.

    7. JanCorey

      listen up you fucking ass hole, you white fuckers always doing drugs much harder drugs than marijuana and don’t even go to jail for it. That’s somebody child you talking about. I am sick and tired of your ass positing racial comments on this website. I don’t care what the fuck he did or didn’t do in his life, he had a right to walk down the street without being assassinated by some muck. You damn white people always talking about shit that every teen-ager white or black do when there young. Your whole bull-shit wholes no argument. This young man is dead because of racist assholes like yourself. I which something like this happens to your ass and maybe you can heal it after you feel it stupid motherfucker.

      • Your jealousy of others is apparent and your attacks against others who are better-informed than yourself is really quite commendable too. Thank you for reading.

    8. You can tell from reading JanCorey that it’s white you suck your way of thinking sucks your racism is showing!

      • Maybe yelling because he was having his head beaten against the cement sidewalk and hasn’t yet drawn out his weapon. Totally plausible.

      • blah blah blah…damn dude you got a serious hard on for TJ!
        Call TJ up if you got a beef with him……but you get your rocks off posting on a website…..pathetic….

        • I do believe our justice system is un-fair to blacks, but not in this case. This case is being exploited not on behalf of Trayvon Martin but for the sake of ratings. How sick do you have to be to exploit a 17 year olds death to push your agenda?
          A co-worker of mine listens to the show, I was able to tune the show out well enough until I heard one of the host say about Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker”, “well that is just how they talk”. I understand ignorance does not mean people should be shot, or that violence should be committed against them, but wrong is wrong. Ok don’t condemn him for saying it (he is dead) but you sure as heck should not condone it.
          I am not glad what happened to Tryvon or saying he deserved it but it is wrong to call someone of another race a slur. No matter which race it is. I have more black friends than white, and I would never call them a Nigger, and they would never call me a cracker. We respect each other, and race is not even an issue between us.
          What good would talking to him (TJ) do? He knows what he is doing. Do you think if someone would have called up Don Imus’ show calling him a racist bigot he would have listened, no he would have shouted them down. It is the same with TJ, the guy has too much to lose if the truth gets out and people start to think for themselves.
          Most who comment on here are like you and completely close minded. But I hope for those who are able to have an open mind they will read what I have to say, (not everyone here post).
          I am not glad a child is dead, and I think it was bad judgment of Zimmerman to follow him, but how can you prove “Beyond a reasonable doubt” it was not self defense? For each witness the prosecution brought the defense brought one saying exactly the opposite. The one witness said Trayvon was on top and his arms were going in a downward motion. That with the cuts on Zimmerman’s head fit his story. No one saw the whole thing, so there is no way of knowing beyond a reasonable doubt what happened.
          The only thing that any of us can do is speculate, and say things like “Why would you have a gun and yell for help?” Or say “I can see why someone getting their head beat on the cement would yell for help and then draw their gun.” But you know what; it is 100% speculation, because no one but Zimmerman and Martin really are 100% sure what happened and only Zimmerman is here still. And you cannot convict on speculation!
          Most of you that post want to believe so bad that just because Trayvon is black he is innocent. You paint all white people with a brush and call all of us racist. TJ is just telling you what you want to hear to drive up his ratings. He knows there will be no conviction, and that will stir the pot more.
          I am forced to listen to the TJMS spew hatred for everyone not black each day. I really wish I did not have to listen, or that society would realize Tom Joyner and all his buddies are nothing but a black version of the Don Imus show. A co worker listens and I am forced to endure it. It is just hard for me to believe that in this day and age people who claim so much to value equal rights for all as championed by Doctor King, have now tried to hijack that movement into something perverse and self serving.

      • Really? That’s the same thing? Being called as part of the defense of the man who killed your son is the same as being called as a witness to help get justice for your son?

        • Really !!! GZ is fighting for his life and has EVERY right to call whom ever. The same as when the long island train shooter called victims he shot to the stand. Thats the way the legal system operates
          I don’t know if GZ mudered Tray in cold blood or not thats for the legal system to determine

    9. He sure pointed out why Trayvon was such a mess with school suspensions, tattoos, gold teeth, gun slinging, drug usage and other crimes he was proven to be involved in. His dad showed why the loss of Trayvon is actually no loss at all imo. Trayvon was destined for a prison cell, so the reaction he sustained after he attacked Mr. Zimmerman actually helped society as a whole with the availability of one more prison bed for Trayvon’s buds.

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