Black Honor Student Shot 25 Times By St. Louis Police

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Not surprisingly, the St. Louis police department has its own history of abuse (via Think Progress):

In February, a city cop was accused of choking a man in a wheelchair, who was then arrested immediately after testifying at the officer’s disciplinary hearing. A video showing a cop beating and pepper-spraying a man went viral in 2011, revealing that the cop had stayed on the force despite multiple lawsuits alleging brutality.

WPOX went on to also reveal that the firm representing the Ball family in a pending suit is “involved in pending litigation against the city, claiming jail guards encouraged inmates to fight each other ‘gladiator style’ for the guard’s amusement.”

And other cases involving Black males being cut down in their prime continue to rage on across the country.

It was only two weeks ago that the trailer of “Fruitvale Station” premiered. The movie chronicles the death of 22-year-old Oscar Grant, who was senselessly shot to death on New Year’s Day 2009 by a BART station police officer.

Watch the “Fruitvale Station” trailer here:

And just this week, the trial date was set for Trayvon Martin, who died at the hands of alleged vigilante George Zimmerman.

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As angry as I get reading about these kind of stories, it frustrates me even more to know that some people still don’t understand the plight of Black people at the hands of the corrupted who have power and possession of firearms.

On the local news site where I learned of this story, the sole commenter on the article wrote:

So a thug with a criminal record and an illegal gun gets shot and “the usual suspects” hold multiple rallies, all during normal working hours. Good thing none of these folks have jobs to get in the way of their protesting. Maybe they should have spent a bit more time mentoring the deceased about turning his life around instead of packing guns and getting into confrontations with the police.

This is the sort of blind hatred and ignorance that leads to these unjust killings, and until it dies, I worry about how many more of us will be lost in the meantime.

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