Lauryn Hill Responds to Accusations that Her New Song Is Anti-Gay

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  • Lauryn Hill has been accused of incorporating anti-gay lyrics into one of her new songs.

    In “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix),” the 38-year-old activist sings about the perils of society.

    In addition to making references about psychological massacre and superficial vanity, Hill’s songs seem to include anti-gay statements, slamming ”drag queens,” “girl men” and ”social transvestism,” BET’s Monica Miller notes.

    Though she’s a musician who consistently advocates on behalf of the oppressed, Hill “might not extend her concerns to gay and lesbian communities,” Miller writes.

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    3 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill Responds to Accusations that Her New Song Is Anti-Gay

    1. I love lauryn message it has nothing to do with singing about gays, she is not that kind of person,
      she is getting her message out, and some people just don’t like to hear the truth,, and they don’t like anyone to be Real in this day and age,, so Kudos to MS, Hill ,, GOD BLESS YOU Lauryn,,
      Because I will be picking up her CD myself ,, if you don’t like it,, then don’t buy it,,

    2. so what- I am sick of not being able to sing, speak or dammit thnk anything but “oh, no you cant say that, it will offend the gays” what about those who could care less who you have sex with- dang. stop pushing this/there mess on everyone because everyone has their own opinion, beliefs and concerns. I will buy her new CD!

      • You are right on point. I am sick of even hearing the word gay. I feel like everyone that doesn’t have that particular lifestyle is being bullied by those that do. I will buy Lauren Hills CD just because ‘they’ would rather I not.

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