Julian Bond Defends IRS Targeting Of Tea Party Groups, Says They’re ‘Racist’

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“[The Tea Party] is the Taliban wing of American politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them.”

When asked if he thought that his comments were “a little harsh,” Bond quipped, “The truth hurts.”

Watch Bond’s comments here:

On one end, I actually agree with Bond’s assessment that the Tea Party represents an extremity in American politics. Though not all members of the fold may be racists, the movement itself has exploited White resentment toward the nation’s first Black president in order to move its agenda forward. Moreover, it’s been widely reported that many of these groups are funded by corporatists looking to move their agendas forward in the guise of a grassroots movement.

The Tea Party’s vitriol and methodology do not mirror that of the NAACP and their criticism of President Obama is far more hostile than anything the NAACP has said of President Bush in the past.

In addition, many Tea Party groups play in to libertarian ideology — some of which includes the abolishment of the IRS — from the likes of the Koch brothers. It’s not a surprise that a few in the IRS might see them as a threat, but that doesn’t make it okay.

That said, between the IRS targeting conservative groups for their political point of view as well as the Justice Department reportedly secretly collecting phone records from several Associated Press reporters last year, I’m weary of giving the government a free pass to two-step over the line when it comes to intrusion.

There is absolutely a valid reason for the IRS to review 501c organizations, but simply doing so if they have “tea party” and “patriot” in their names is profiling.

Even if some of those jackasses wouldn’t defend my right to live profile-free, I’m willing to defend theirs. So if you want to catch those who abuse their tax-exempt status, by all means do so…but fairly.

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