Happy Mother’s Day! The Active Family Project Helps Busy Moms Stay Fit

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Sport A Coaches Jersey

So little Tre is ready to play tee ball. Your husband signs on as one of the coaches and you organize the snack rotation amongst the other tee ball moms. Typical right? Well FitMom, I challenge you to gender bend this scenario this spring. Order yourself a fitted jersey with “coach” bedazzled across the back and ditch snack duty. I mean after all it’s tee ball not the MLB. What kids playing organized sports at a young age need the most is good “coaching.” The competitiveness will come, so use this time to show your youngin’ that support, commitment, and good sportsmanship are not gender specific qualities. They will not only admire your supportive presence on the field both after the game is long over too. According to Fred Engh (Founder and President of the National Alliance for Youth Sports) Women are more patient when it comes to coaching, it’s unfortunate that their presence is often missing within youth sports. So come on mommy coaches…unite!

Reinvent Frequent Flyer Miles

Instead of going to Disney for the sixth time this summer (P.S. I have nothing against Mickey and his friends) plan an active and adventurous vacay instead. Kids and parents alike can gain invaluable memories when new experiences are tackled as a family. Plus they can be quite affordable according to Erin Gifford (Family Travel Expert and Founder of Kidventurous). Her and her family often use www.HomeExchange.com to eliminate the high cost of hotels. Hello. This allows them to extend their stay and use that cash on fun memory lasting excursions. Win win right?

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