Shine On Ladies!

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I’m impressed not only by what she does as a journalist in front of and behind the camera as producer, but how well she represents as sister juggling a busy home life with four kids and a husband.

I hear some of you now.

A sister?  She’s a rich woman with maids, nannies and doesn’t have to deal with the problems the average woman has to deal with.

Is that shade you’re throwing her way?  If so, why?

During Hurricane Katrina, Soledad waded through deep and dirty water getting the job done. She reported on the lives lost and the survivors and for that she was rewarded with a promotion from CNN.  In addition, She and her husband created the Soledad O’Brien & Brad Raymond Foundation to provide young women the resources to over come unexpected barriers that would limit their success.  They run it along with Soledad’s best friend Kim Bondy.  It was Bondy who called their attention to a young girl from New Orleans needing a scholarship to attend school.

Now years later, that company has decided her services are no longer needed.

It will be interesting to see what happens next but in the meantime, I’m sure her devotion to girls, her family and her craft will continue.

Over the years I’ve encountered many women including Maya Angelou and Soledad O’Brien that have taught me lessons about perseverance and being the women God called us to be.

No matter how tough things get, we have a purpose and we’re often making a difference whether we realize it or not. The things we say and the way we live our lives matter to those we influence.

For this month, let’s set a goal for eliminating the cycle of hating on other women.  Let’s commit to changing our talk to include words that are uplifting and empowering and make an extra effort to tell a girl that she’s important and encourage her to find and develop her gift.    Let’s give her something to hold on so that years from now when she comes across racism, sexism and unforeseen set backs she’ll continue to rise and shine.

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