Study: Men Who Perform “Housewife” Chores Have Less Sex

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“He wants to clean and doesn’t want to cook ever,” Ellis said. “Our deal is I cook and he cleans. I’m not allowed to touch the dishwasher.”

She also revealed that she gets hot and bothered when her husband reaches for the vacuum.

“It’s more of a turn-on when he’s doing the vacuuming than when he’s doing the traditional stereotypical tasks,” she said. “I wouldn’t say there’s a direct correlation but it’s definitely something that keeps us in sync. “

Although some men are eager to find ways to increase their bedroom action, others are content and don’t even notice a relationship between chores and sex frequency.

“In my mind, that seems to be a little overly simplistic, that doing some chores around the house will earn you a trip to the bedroom,” said Jeff Friedrich a 38-year-old plastic surgeon. “I’ve always done the kitchen and done the vacuuming and we’ve always had what I think is a good sex life. But I haven’t tested it. I haven’t stopped vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen to see what happens.”

Kornrich believe it’s best for men like Friedrich to keep it that way.

“Men who refuse to do housework, including both traditionally male and female tasks, could increase conflict in their marriage and lower their wives’ marital satisfaction,” he suggested.

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One thought on “Study: Men Who Perform “Housewife” Chores Have Less Sex

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