COMMENTARY: It’s Time for Kanye West to Man Up

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  • I’m not always up-to-date on the latest men’s fashions, but I do know where to draw the line: Kanye West’s skirt.

    Yes, a skirt.

    During last week’s 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, West, 35, performed wearing a black leather skirt and leggings.

    I realize that some artists are a bit eccentric and are often over-the-top, but West, dressing like a lady, just looked ridiculous, outrageous and silly.

    Perhaps it was actually trendy and I just overlooked his brilliance. But I don’t think so.

    What’s next: A tutu?

    West’s outfit certainly got loads of reaction, mostly in the form of jokes, especially since West is dating the highly over-exposed Kim Kardashian.

    “Maybe a new item from the Kardashian collection?” one Twitter user joked.

    “Kanye must have swapped suitcases with Kim Kardashian,” another person commented.

    Here are a few more wisecracks posted on USA Today’s website:

    – “Kanye must have swapped suitcases with Kim Kardashian.”

    – “‘Wear this black trash bag as a skirt. Then, just kinda run around the stage scaring white people’ – Kanye West’s manager before the show”

    – “Kanye West looks like the episode when Steve Urkel became a cheerleader!!!!”

    This wasn’t the first time that West has performed in clothing that looked like it was designed for women. He once appeared on stage wearing a paisley silk blouse.

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