Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Seeking Plea Deal with Feds

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  • According to reports, U.S. Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. is currently working with the feds to work out a deal over accusations that he misused campaign funds.

    Jackson was re-elected this past Tuesday despite his long medical leave due to his battle with depression and bi-polar disorder.

    Reportedly, Jackson has not pleaded guilty to any charges, however, Jackson is seeking a plea deal.

    He is accused of using his campaign funds to decorate his Washington D.C. home and to purchase a $40,000 Rolex watch for a female friend.

    The report also claims Jackson is currently being treated again at the Mayo Clinic.

    The Jackson family has not responded to the report.

    Also, Frank Watkins, a spokesman in Jackson’s congressional office, refused to comment on the reported plea deal.



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