VIDEO: Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Brawl at Hip-Hop Awards

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  • Saturday night’s intense backstage dust up between the crews of rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy – at the BET Hip Hop Awards  – was captured on somebody’s smartphone and, as usual, somehow it found its way to TMZ.

    In the video, security can be seen stepping in between the various combatants almost immediately, separating everyone before the fight got out of hand.

    A shirtless Rick Ross can be seen yelling before being escorted away from the scene. Whoever Ross was yelling at tried to follow after him, but security stepped in before he could get there.

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    5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Brawl at Hip-Hop Awards

    1. both if these grown men are fools and always in search of a forum to act up now the both of them know where each other lives just meet up and deal with it like grown men without all these so call thug friends just pushing like bitches Dam

    2. Rick Ross recently had the number 1 top selling album on the Billboard 200.
      Kids look up to these idiots and Rick Ross should NEVER be seen without a shirt on. I am over 50. I am 6 foot 6 and 385 pounds. That’s 385 NOT 285, muscular NOT FAT. These grown men should be ashamed of their silly and irresponsible behavior………………………….

    3. Are we surprised that these guys who are being paid to dumb down music are fighting like kids in a school yard? They are a bunch of weak bamas!! They’re uneducated, they’re ignorant… and they’re irresponsible behavior perpetuates violence. Nothing worse than men who run around acting like little boys!!

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