Top Basketball Recruit Collapses During Court Sentencing

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Their altercation was caught on tape in the lobby of her apartment complex.

Farmer was a top 100 basketball prospect for schools such as Xavier, Ohio State, Dayton and Michigan State.

Judge Barker can reduce Farmer’s sentence when she reviews it in 180 days.

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3 thoughts on “Top Basketball Recruit Collapses During Court Sentencing

  1. Good for his ass, he should have gotten 23 years!
    I’m aware of the violent acts that guy committed that aren’t mentioned in this syndicated story and the three years (possibly less after 180 days) is a slap on the wrist. Who cares how good people say he is or his ability to be a superstar athlete? I don’t!
    People, you can’t go around doing what you please and believe you won’t be held accountable. Black America needs to stop condoning a culture of violence, stupidity and many other unacceptable behaviors such as unwed pregnancies. Also shame the men who are hanging around not working and doing nothing but causing trouble!
    The people in that community (not just black citizens) should demand a harsher punishment and hold a press conference stating that we won’t allow such unacceptable behaviors in our community anymore and we’re starting here!

    Be well people.

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