Music That Moves Us

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Those lyrics are just as applicable today as they were more than 40 years ago.

Not that you have to go to the “way back” machine to find a song worthy of anthem-status. It just depends on who you ask. The last 15 years have brought us  a salute to natural beauty (I am Not My Hair, India Arie), love for our black men (Brotha, Angie Stone), yet more chaos (Jesus Walks, Kanye West) and even a positive solution to high gas prices, tornadoes and more racial strife (Kirk Franklin’s Smile).

I would have thought that living to see the election of the first modern day African-American president would have been the spring board for a whole lot music but to be honest, not many songs come to mind. If I’m wrong, help me out. What are the songs that remind you of the 2008 presidential election and, more importantly, what music do you think will motivate us to register and vote in 2012?  Tweet me, text me at 646464, post your responses on Facebook or comment on the blog on

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