Real Relationship Talk with Jeff Johnson, Part 2

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DEYA: Right. But if there is a day that I’m laying on my back having a child, I just need to know you’ve got it covered today. And that’s what’s sexy to me. That’s really gangsta – a brother who handles his business, and he can cover you when you need to be covered. That’s some good stuff to me.

Jeff Johnson, everything that you are and everything you’re not and everything that you’re ever going to be … I just want you to know sisters do have your back, and we appreciate your vulnerability because to me, that’s what ‘s up. That’s what sexy too – for a man to show his strengths and his weakness, who can cry sometimes on your shoulders or in your lap, but he knows how to stand up and be a man up when it counts. It’s called being a human being. And that’s what you’ve given us because you lay it out there. Thank you for owning your truth because when you do that, as a man, you give permission to us all as a professional, as a spiritual being, as someone in the limelight and as someone who falls and who gets back up. You allow us to say we can too.

JEFF: Well, I appreciate that, and I appreciate all the support of the sisters. And these kinds of conversations you’re having are so important. I just hope that we can take them off the radio and use them in our own relationships or even in our own homes. Get the healing that we need, whether it is spiritual or clinical. Y’all, call somebody.

DEYA: Come on, I’m right there with you.

JEFF: That really elevates us to the next level. I thank you for inviting me on and appreciate what you’re doing.

DEYA: You’ve really taken me to church. You have no idea! (Laughs)

JEFF: (Laughs)

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