As the temperature dips and we’re reminded that fall is not just about fierce fashions but also cold weather, we have to make an extra effort to moisturize. Every inch of us, from the hair on our heads to our lips and skin need an additional dose of nourishment to deal with the whipping winds, or […]

DENVER (AP) — Heavy snow and wind shut down highways Tuesday in Colorado and Wyoming, closed schools in Nebraska and forced more than 1,000 travelers to sleep overnight in Denver’s airport after hundreds of flights were canceled just as Thanksgiving travel moved into high gear. The storm was heading to South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota […]

CHICAGO (AP) — An arctic air mass that brought snow and ice to an area stretching from the Rocky Mountains to northern New England on Monday was poised to give way to record-breaking cold temperatures. In mid-Michigan, three people were killed in a two-vehicle crash that the Eaton County sheriff’s department attributed to heavy snowfall. […]

Chris Paul remixes Will Smith’s Summer Time and raps about the bone chilling cold gripping the country. Its “winter winter winter time” and “it’s cold as hell!” Its in the negatives in several cities across the country and people have been advised to stay indoors. As usual Chris Paul completely nails his rap! Listen to […]

It’s so cold in DC they’re in the teens! Huggy calls it “Surviving R.ctic Weather!” But the cigarette smokers seem to be okay because they’re still standing outside flicking their ash in mittens. That’s serious addiction! It’s so cold that cousin Nardo bought his girlfriend a wig with thermal lining to keep her head warm! HEAD […]


ATLANTA (AP) — Five years after cars, trucks and school buses became marooned on Atlanta freeways in what became known as “snow jam ,” another winter storm is bearing down on the city — just as thousands of fans begin pouring into town for Super Bowl 53. A winter storm watch goes into effect at […]

Experts say this weekend’s coming storm could be the most powerful nor’easter in decades.

ATLANTA (AP) — A wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain blanketed a large swath of the South, trailed by a blast of frigid air that could approach record low temperatures Wednesday. By Tuesday evening, steadily dropping snow about 15 miles (25 kilometers) northwest of Atlanta was forcing cars on Interstate 75 to slow […]

There’s something about the energy in the air that let’s you know Autumn is coming to an end —  time goes back an hour, the sun sets earlier and the bitter, cold weather starts to set in. But environmental transformations aren’t the only changes taking place during the Fall season. The mood and behavior of […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s cold season and the miserable trudge in seeking antibiotics because of mucus turned green, or the cough has nagged for weeks. Despite years of warnings, doctors still overprescribe antibiotics for acute respiratory infections even though most are caused by viruses that those drugs cannot help. Now doctors are getting new tips […]

BOSTON (AP) — Winter-weary New England braced Sunday for another round of snow that threatened to bear down on the region into the workweek and pile up to 2 feet in some areas. As light snow began falling by the afternoon, drivers were warned to stay off the roads and cancellations were posted for schools […]

How cold is it across the U.S.? Too cool for school in many parts of the country. And so frigid in the Minnesota-St. Paul area that you could get frostbite in less time than it takes to buy car insurance. At least the Northeast isn’t getting clobbered with snow the way it was this time […]