When Karens Attack

Another "public comment" portion of a school board meeting has gone viral, this time for a white woman repeatedly using the N-word while venting frustration over her son’s suspension for using the epithet on Snapchat.

In the latest episode of "When Karens Attack," a white woman took matters into her own hands by attacking a Black man in the lobby of a Hilton Hotel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil after he was allegedly given priority service as a Diamond member over her and a male acquaintance.

Much like the "Walmart Karen" before her, a new white woman labeled as "TikTok Karen" accused a Black man of stealing her phone only to be wrong after she found it in her purse.

Comedian Affion Crockett called out a “Karen” who interrupted his stand-up act on Saturday by storming the stage “like the Capitol,” he said.