LOS ANGELES (AP) — There were no fires this time in Watts. There was no looting, no shooting and no National Guard troops patrolling. Protesters filled the streets around the country in late May and June following the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, demanding an end to police brutality. There was violence and looting […]

The Watts Rebellion, often referred to as the Watts Riot, began this day in 1965. Until 1992, it was the largest such disturbance the city has ever seen and historians point to a longstanding tension between police and the Black community as the impetus. Marquette Frye, then 21, and his brother Ronald were driving in […]

Exactly 50 years ago, Watts, Los Angelos, California erupted in a major violent social upheaval from what started off as a minor traffic argument between a black motorist and an arresting police officer. In commemoration of one of the first major riots in civil rights history, The Jazzy Report takes a look at the progress (or lack thereof) made in the last 50 […]

Rev. Al Sharpton talks about the importance of watching rebellion happen, in light of the 50th anniversary of the Watts race riots, that left 34 people dead. “If you think of Watts and Rodney King, it  usually been sparked by police violence. Of course its driven by poverty too,” Sharpton said. Click the link above to […]