The Morning Minute

Tiger Woods is back baby! Many people wrote him off and said he was done but over the weekend he proved them wrong. He won his first major championship victory in 11 years with his win at the Masters over the weekend. Donald Trump wants to give him the Presidential medal of honor. HEAD BACK […]

Chris Paul is happy Nancy Pelosi is the speaker and the House is run by Democrats! He’s so happy that he has to sing about it. He remixed Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback to say, “we’ve got our speaker back,” and you don’t want to miss it. Listen to the audio above. HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM […]

Chris Paul’s Christmas Minute is sure to make you laugh and get you in the Christmas spirit! Melania Trump is topic today as he remixes “Mr. Grinch” to say “You’re a mean one Mrs. Trump.” Her “Be Best” campaign has been a joke since she announced it, because her husband is “the biggest bully on […]

Donald Trump is throwing a tantrum because he isn’t getting the millions of dollars that he needs for his wall. He tried to make Mexico pay for it and they weren’t having it. Now he’s threatening a government shut down. Chris Paul remixed Feliz Navidad into “Donald Trump Is Mad” and it’s hilarious! HEAD BACK […]

Tyler Perry has done his part in spreading holiday cheer this year. He paid off $432,000 in Layaway orders at two Atlanta area Walmart stores. He paid for every order that was on layaway. There will be some very happy kids in Atlanta on Christmas morning! Giving is contagious! How will you bless someone this […]