Damon has recently realized that he may be “too broke to die.” He attended John Witherspoon’s “celebration of life,” and it was so “elaborate,” and beautiful. That’s what made him realize that he doesn’t have enough money to have a home going ceremony half as nice as that. So, he’s going to keep working and […]

Damon thinks that people are doing way too much for certain occasions! For example, when it comes to high school prom and homecoming people do entirely too much! They rent Bently’s when they could put that money toward their child’s college. “Damn that,” Damon says, “rent a ford fiesta and put the rest of the money […]

Damon wants whoever has been selling Terrence Howard weed in Chicago to stop! Whatever he has been smoking is too strong and Damon says they need to “get him so reefer.” On the red carpet for the Emmys he was tripping! He said that he had made discoveries in his own life and was able […]

A porn star who calls herself “Bridget the Midget” was arrested Wednesday on felony charges after a big fight with her boyfriend that turned violent. She ended up stabbing him after she allegedly found out he was cheating on her. Damon thinks that’s crazy because she literally has sex with people for a living.

Damon finally got his boat back on September 11 after it’s been in the shop since last fall! Now, before you think “oh those are rich people problems,” Damon wants to let everyone know that if he were rich, he wouldn’t be trying to get his boat fixed, he’d have a new boat. He gave […]

We all love our birthday and birthdays are great! But, Damon thinks we’ve got birthdays “twisted.” We’ve been doing it all wrong. He asks, “why don’t you give your mama a present on your birthday?” If you really think about it she did all of the work….all we did was “disconnect and come on out.”

When it comes to death, we have completely lost our common sense when it comes to etiquette. We have gotten to the point where we don’t use words to send our condolences, we send emojis in a text or post them on social media. We don’t even know how to act at funerals anymore, you […]

Recently Damon was asked if he thinks his generation is better at raising kids than their parents. His answer is that they were raised in a better time but they’re better parents. Back in the day the world was better, but the parents weren’t all that. Think about it, the cars had no seat-belts, your […]

Damon can’t stand to see people in public in their pajamas! If he sees it he’s going to assume that you just rolled out of bed and left your house. He just doesn’t understand how you’d have time to freshen up but not to change out of your pjs. So, if you’re in your PJs […]

Thousands of people are still hurting from Nipsey Hussle’s murder and the suspect has been arrested. Now, Damon says he doesn’t believe that any “lawyer should want to take this case” because it’s a “lose lose” situation. If you win everyone will hate you and if you lose you just lost on TV. But, O.J’s […]

Damon understands the whole #MuteRKelly movement, but now people are saying #MuteMichaelJackson and he thinks that’s taking it too far! He agrees that if he did the things that he’s accused of he’s horrible. But, he thinks we should only have to mute “white Michael” because “brown mike” didn’t do anything but give us great […]

Damon knows that he’s the guy that jokes about serious topics, maybe too much. But he doesn’t see anything funny about the government shutdown. He actually finds it ridiculous and selfish. It’s been over three weeks and it is past time for Trump to reopen the government so folks can get back to work and […]