Texts between a couple can get pretty weird the longer they’re together. Once you’ve been together for a while all of that cute stuff goes out the window! Long term couples send each other things like, condom requests, pictures of their dirty underwear, toilet paper requests and bribes. What’s one of the funniest texts you’ve […]


NEW YORK (AP) — Today’s teens are always on their smartphones, many check social media “constantly” and prefer texting over face-to-face communication. But a new poll finds that these same teens also say that social media has a positive effect on their lives, helping them feel more confident, less lonely and less depressed. The poll […]

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No group chat is complete with a good gif exchange and luckily, there’s a Sheree Whitfield gif for every shady occasion. When You Have To Remind Someone Who You Are When Someone Tries To Out-Shade You When You’re In A Singing Shady Mood When They Don’t Think You’ll Pull Up When They Don’t Think You’re […]

The text exchange between two lovers definitely changes as the relationship progresses. Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders break it down with this list of funny text messages only couples in long-term relationships send, in this top 10 on “The D.L. Hughley Show!” RELATED: 10 Reasons Why They’re Not Texting You Back [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Eliminate […]

When old people are texting, the acronyms they use might be a little different from your everyday “LMAO” or “LOL.” Jasmine Sanders enlightens us on how grandma and grandpa send a quick text in every day life. Click on the audio player to hear this funny top 10 on “The D.L. Hughley Show!” RELATED: 10 Reasons Why They’re Not […]

So they’re not texting you back, but don’t freak out! Jasmine Sanders has 10 good reasons that probably explain why they haven’t yet! Click on the audio player to hear them all on The D.L. Hughley Show.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Eliminate Drunk Calling & Texting With This New App! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: 10 Senior Citizen Texting Codes To […]

Where oh where do we begin? According to Buzz Feed, the MTV Video Music Awards did something extremely special and unexpected. They took a touching…

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The Russ Parr morning show discusses why it might not be the best idea to allow people to talk on their phones during their flights. Click on the audio player to hear the hilarious reasons! Keep Up With The Russ Parr Morning Show … LIKE Him On Facebook!

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CHICAGO (AP) — Doctors 2 parents: Limit kids’ tweeting, texting & keep smartphones, laptops out of bedrooms. #goodluckwiththat. The recommendations are bound to prompt eye-rolling and LOLs from many teens but an influential pediatricians group says parents need to know that unrestricted media use can have serious consequences. It’s been linked with violence, cyberbullying, school […]

Some people who love texting get a little carried away with the symbols, and you may have no clue what others are talking about. So here is a little cheat sheet from our sister site IndyHipHop.com to help you finding the meanings of these texting codes! TEXT MEANING #:-) Smiling with a fur hat %- […]

A listener asks Professor Marcus D. Wiley, what to do after she went through her husbands phone and mistakenly accused him of having an affair.…

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Roland Martin talks with Rodney Stearns, President & Founder of Text No More, about Distracted Driving Awareness Month.