The two co-hosts of 'The View' whose COVID-19 tests derailed a planned interview with Vice President Kamala Harris last week said Monday that their results turned out to be false positives.


A live televised interview with Vice President Kamala Harris was delayed on Friday after two hosts of the “The View” learned they tested positive for COVID-19 moments before they were to interview her.

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were intense and for some very emotional. ABC News Senior Legal Correspondent Sunny Hostin is also a former sex crimes prosecutor and has spoken to hundreds of victims of sexual assault. After hearing Dr. Ford’s testimony, Hostin says that she finds her “very very credible.” “I found Judge Kavanaugh to be not as […]

Donald Trump will visit Puerto Rico for the first time just two weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through the island nation. Senior legal correspondent and analyst for ABC News & co-host of The View Sunny Hostin believe the president, “has an apology tour to do.” “The president of the country hasn’t been there yet. It’s unbelievable,” said […]

06/05/17 – Roland Martin talks with ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin about the Bill Cosby trial and his chances of being prosecuted. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!


NEW YORK (AP) — ABC News correspondent Sara Haines is joining “The View” as the daytime talk show begins its 20th season. Haines, who worked on the “Today” show before joining ABC in 2013, has primarily worked on pop culture stories. She will replace Michelle Collins as a host. Whoopi Goldberg returns as moderator of […]

ABC News Legal correspondent and analyst Sunny Hostin talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the recent police shootings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge and Dallas and what that means for those seeking justice. “Because of the video evidence in both of these cases, things may change. In 2015, 18 officers were charged, 10 had […]

06/24/16 – Sunny Hostin breaks down the latest verdict in the ongoing cases of the cops involved in the death of Freddie Gray and how these acquittals may impact Marilyn Mosby’s political career. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Roland Martin talks to the Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin about the latest in the Freddie Gray trial in Baltimore. “It’s rare to be defendants because we don’t do that a lot in the United States. Often times defense attorneys feel as if it’s better to be in front of a judge because it takes the emotion out of […]

ABC News’ Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst Sunny Hostin talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her controversial comments on The View regarding the case of Freddie Gray and the six officers charged in his death. She also talks Bill Cosby and explains the law when it comes to consent, whether you’re drunk or not. […]

Yesterday’s announcement of the Baltimore cop charged in the death of Freddie Gray brought about mixed emotions. The ladies of The View weighed in on the controversial decision and former Prosecutor Sunny Hostin seem to ruffle a few feathers with her comments regarding Edward Nero’s acquittal. Mediate.com reports: Whoopi Goldberg announced that they had just received […]