Sunny Hostin: ‘I Think He Has An Apology Tour To Do’


Donald Trump will visit Puerto Rico for the first time just two weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through the island nation.

Senior legal correspondent and analyst for ABC News & co-host of The View Sunny Hostin believe the president, “has an apology tour to do.”

“The president of the country hasn’t been there yet. It’s unbelievable,” said Hostin.

She explained that we have to remember that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory filled with U. S. citizens so they deserve help and aid as well.

“I think that he has to meet with local leaders including the mayor of San Juan. You have t be able to see the true devastation and visit with the people who have been affected, ” explained Hostin. “I think he has an apology tour to do.”

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This Is What Puerto Rico Looks Like After Hurricane Maria
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5 thoughts on “Sunny Hostin: ‘I Think He Has An Apology Tour To Do’

  1. Why don’t u liberals just worry about your party, which doesn’t have a,purpose.,as far as I am concerned they do not want to be,a state because they would have to pay federal payroll taxes, but they want the federal government to bail them out.

  2. That idiot does not know how to pray. God does not hear sinners prayer. He will not apologize until he open his eyes in Hell with all the rest of his family, friends and supporters. And we all know it will be too late.

  3. Ha! The fake prez apologize. Not in our lifetime. I watched him stand There with wifey and pray for the victims in LV. Does anybody think trump is a prayerful person? I doubt it, he’s too mean and angry to have any type of religion within his soul. Did he pray for all the flooded out victims from the hurricanes in Fl, Texas and PR. He is such a con artist.

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