Shannon Sharpe

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe has revealed he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but is now in remission.

Tucker explained that he didn't want to "shortchange my audience and my fans" as they've come to expect the same ol' Smokey but he feels that "I can't do what I did when I watch Friday now. I can't do that. I was where I was when I was acting but now i'm in my 40's now. I can do something even better!"

  Shannon Sharpe has some advice for Sean “Diddy” Combs about his desire to purchase of the Carolina Panthers. TMZ caught up with the “Undisputed” host, who agreed that Combs would be suitable for the job.   “I think he would be a great owner. You don’t come from where he came to get to […]

12/7/17- A $200 million dollar contract extension has been given to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for 5 years. Huggy says that’s the quickest contract drawn he’d ever seen and can’t wait to hear what Shannon Sharpe has to say because you know he’s not going to let that slip. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign […]

If you follow Shannon Sharpe on social media then you know he has a thing for Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy. He’s said that she’s “finer than frog’s hair” and “stacked like dirty laundry in a dorm room.” The Undisputed commentator has even reportedly offered to give her all his Fox money and to take […]

To say sports commentator/pundit Shannon Sharpe is disappointed in Jim Brown is an understatement. Hell, Sharpe isn’t the only one. A whole bunch of folks have a problem with Brown for the same reason as Sharpe. And why is Jim Brown being looked at with the side eye these days by Sharpe and lots of […]

02/19/14- Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest topics including Shannon Sharpe being fired, the Jamaican bobsled team’s unique helmets and Lamar Odom’s new job.

CBS has made some off-season changes in its NFL pregame show. Longtime fixtures Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino have been fired from “The NFL Today,” while newly retired tight end Tony Gonzalez will join the program for the upcoming season, the network confirmed. “Having just stepped off the playing field, Tony brings a fresh and […]

02/19/14- Tom and the crew open the show talking about the Sochi Games, increased heat bills, Michael Vick’s new gig, and Shannon Sharpe being fired.