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If you follow Shannon Sharpe on social media then you know he has a thing for Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy.

He’s said that she’s “finer than frog’s hair” and “stacked like dirty laundry in a dorm room.”

The Undisputed commentator has even reportedly offered to give her all his Fox money and to take her last name.

Well, his lust — or thirst as many have called it — seems to have paid off. After all, what woman is going to turn down a man’s FOX money?


Sharpe was finally able to hang out with Murphy, meeting up with her at a Flywheel class. The two shared a photo of them together on Instagram.

He celebrated this meeting by enjoying his beloved Black & Mild cigar on Undisputed this morning:

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(Photo Credit: Instagram)

18 thoughts on “Shannon Sharpe Finally Scores Date With Nicole Murphy

  1. :dcbrother4u on said:

    Wow, you mean SS is going after some tail than ain’t pale, unbelievable!!! He must be on break b/c he used to date them exclusively. Whomever can decipher his accolades about Nicole let me know b/c it sounds retarded. I still cannot believe he touched something darker than the inside of his hand, but stranger things have happened. Good luck you two b/c you all certainly deserve each other.

  2. All you haters!! Both Shannon and Nicole are attractive people – rake up the leaves in your own backyard before trying to rake up some one else’s! Stay in your lane!!

  3. leadjustone on said:

    How in the name of all that is good and fair did that man ever get a job in broadcasting? He talks like he has a mouth full of mush! Sounds sooooo ignorant !!!

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