One Chicago man cooked up an elaborate scheme that tricked two sisters out of $36,000 in cash collectively by using the brand of GRAMMY-winning rapper Chance The Rapper as a pawn in his diabolical scam.

A married couple from Boston found out the hard way that scamming doesn't pay after being charged with multiple felonies for using donations they retrieved for their non-profit, Violence in Boston, and using the funds for vacations, car rentals, shopping and even to get approved for a home. 

Even celebrities were getting in on the action of the now-infamous PPP loan scam, and it looks like Tyler Perry actress Ion Overman just got added to that list of unfortunate scammers.

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Rapper Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith has been sentenced to over a year after being arrested in a COVID-19 loan scheme.

Detectives in Tampa are asking Uber to help solve a “grandparent scam” that conned $10,000 from a 75-year-old man and an 82-year-old woman out of $700,000, both told to withdraw money and then give it to someone using the ride-sharing service to pick it up.