Jaden Smith is going full Bourdain on us by opening a restaurant to provide free vegan meals for homeless people.

MIAMI (AP) — Grammy award-winning producer Pharrell Williams may have been fired from three different McDonald’s as a teen, but that didn’t stop him from opening what has become one of the hottest restaurants in Miami. The singer hosted a soul food brunch Saturday along with his dad Pharaoh (pictured) a self-taught chef, known for […]

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Restaurants’ advice to their customers? Romaine calm. The government is still investigating how romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona, apparently became contaminated with E. coli bacteria. As of this week, at least 84 people in 19 states have gotten sick, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But […]

AUBURN, Maine (AP) — A server at a Maine IHOP restaurant asked a group of black teenagers to pay upfront for their meal, prompting the manager to issue a public apology. Manager Melvin Escobar told the Sun Journal newspaper that “this is the first time it happened, and that will be the last time.” What […]

10/17/2017- Lavell is blaming his former weight gain on seductive restaurant signs! They’d read, “C’mon on in” or “Please come back again.” Listen above for all the other seductive signs. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

08/22/17- Lavell wants to shout out his favorite places to eat! Any restaurants where the waitresses have cankles is a delicious spot to eat at! Places, where the buffet is an appetizer immediately tells you it’s the place to be! If Chili is a side that comes with anything you order then you know you’ve walked into […]

Bothered, Brian Eason went back into the restaurant after leaving a tip and a Starbucks gift card for the waitress and asked other White customers if they received the same treatment - they hadn't.

Despite growing up in a two-parent household and going to college, 28-year-old Darnell Ferguson (pictured, r, with Louisville mayor Greg Fisher)  found himself struggling to pay the bills. To make ends meet he took a turn in the wrong direction and ended up being arrested multiple times, ending up unemployed and homeless. But once he embraced […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Maybe there is such a thing as too many breadsticks. In a nearly 300-page treatise on what’s wrong with Olive Garden and its management, investor Starboard Value suggests the Italian restaurant chain is being reckless with its unlimited breadsticks. The hedge fund notes the chain’s official policy is to bring out […]

Curaçao is a dushi place, not to be confused with “douchey.” In Papiamentu, the island’s local language, “Dushi” means “sweet,” or if referring to a…

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is the type of person you can’t take anywhere because you never know how they’re going to behave. During a…

Bishop Secular is tired of Christians who eat out a lot, but tip a little. Listen to the audio player to hear why you should tip,…