Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

4/25/18-Philadelphia was lit yesterday as Meek Mill walked out of prison onto a helicopter. Huggy says they were so happy that it was like T’Challa returning to Wakanda. But he also reminds us that Mill represents a lot of young Black men caught up in the justice system. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE […]

The disconnect between prison life inmates and getting them reconnected to the real world has been a struggle for years. Many prisoners who get released often struggle to find jobs and take care of themselves. However, Atlanta’s new mayor has made a plan to fix that disconnect by installing a new prison job training program […]

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Fl has again sparked a cry in the nation to reform gun control laws in hopes of decreasing the chances of these horrific events from happening. Rev. Al Sharpton reminds us that the fight over gun control is nothing new but a fight that has gone for some time. […]

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I wanna take a few minutes this morning to teach about how our nation’s criminal justice system actually works. We’ve marched, we’ve protested, we’ve boycotted, we’ve taken knees, we’ve raised fists – and I’m glad we’ve done every single one of those things. I hope we continue to do them, but this morning I want […]