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04/01/14 –

Dear Tom,

I would like to recognize my husband and best friend Anthony Cooper. He is the father of three beautiful children. He is a mechanic and musician. Back in October suffered a 6cm Achilles tendon tear playing basketball in the park. Due to the severity of the injury he gradually lost hours at work then they eventually put him on medical leave.

During this transition our 2 year old twin son suffered a broken collar bone injury. Anthony took on full responsibility of staying home with twins so I could continue to work full time.

While at home with the kids, with a boot on his foot, he would have dinner started most nights when I got home and homework done with our 1st grader. Not to mention trying to keep the twins from creating a disaster throughout the house.

On Sundays, he always played the keyboard for church as second form of income. Music is his passion and one of the things that won me over. So he refused to let his injury come between his ability to provide for us and definitely not keep him from one of his many talents. We have made numerous trips over the years to Sam ash and guitar center to get equipment and instruments for him to turn my living room into a home recording studio, being home has given him the chance to get back to making beats and writing songs.

I recently lost my job so Anthony returned to work while awaiting his surgery date to have his leg repaired. Still in pain he straps up his work boots and goes to work each day he is scheduled.

He has had to put his studio back on hold. I would love for him to be able to finish what he started. I believe it will be a major influence and inspiration to speed his recovery once he has had his tendon repaired.