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A new day brings yet another new viral video of a racist white woman harassing a Black person for simply being… Black.

As reported by The Daily Dot, cellphone footage shows “a white woman and her son shouting at a Black employee that he didn’t “belong” in the secure garage of their Nashville apartment building on Saturday night. After the white man appeared to attack the man filming, the white woman called 911,” the outlet writes.


Johnny Martinez posted the video on the subreddit r/Karens and YouTube under his username @Medium-Smell-6195.


Here’s more from the report:

Martinez filmed the confrontation between himself and a pair that he calls a “Karen and her son” that ended with a 911 call. He said the two were “racist people” who “assaulted” him because he’s Black. According to Martinez, the event took place a little after 8pm while he was working at his job and checking car permits in the parking garage of the River House apartments in Nashville.

The white woman and man followed Martinez around before the woman allegedly said, “You don’t belong here, how did you get in here?” Martinez said he told her that he was on the premises for his employer, but they didn’t believe him. In the video, they press him to explain why he’s there, if he lives there, and how he got inside the parking garage.

“Mom, stay away from the dangerous man,” the white man says during the encounter.

At one point, the white man tries to knock the phone out of Martinez’s hand, and the two threaten to call the cops.

“I’m going to press charges because you attacked me,” Martinez says.

The woman calls 911 and seeming plays the victim, per usual, saying: “There’s some gentleman down here, and we asked him what he’s doing down here, and he says it’s none of our business. He’s kind of gotten nasty toward us so we’re trying to figure out why this person’s in the parking lot.”

While she’s on the phone, Martinez says, “Tell them it’s a Black man walking.”

The woman replies, “I don’t care what color you are.”

The video ends shortly after mom and son leave the garage.

“After the encounter I waited at the property about 40 minutes for Metro PD where I filed a police report and will be pressing charges,” Martinez wrote in the YouTube video description. “The Karen had also called the police and conveniently left out the fact her son assaulted me.

“For the record when they first engaged me I had told them I was working and had my ID hanging off my neck. They knew what I was doing and just wanted to demean me by telling me I didn’t belong and trying to force me to show them ID.”


An officer with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spoke to the white woman and her son, who allegedly said they felt threatened by Martinez.

“The racist tropes they used turned me off to engaging them in that way,” Martinez wrote in a comment on Reddit. “We hear it all the time ‘you don’t belong here’ is just another way for these people to say go back to your country in my experience. All I was waiting for was the N word to seal the deal.”

In a update posted on his YouTube channel, Martinez wrote:

Just talked to DA’s office and told to appear on Wednesday the 1st between 8am-11:00am to press formal charges.

First thing, tomorrow I will be heading to the DAs office to press charges and will provide an update shortly.

Second, the property management has been in contact with me and are appalled as to what has happened. They assured me they were taking swift action and I commend them for taking the initiative in this regard.

Third, I’m asking all the wonderful people that have supported me through this trying time to please refrain from calling the property they are and have been very receptive to the issue.

I worked for a company contracted with the property to perform the vehicle audits for violations of the permit, handicap spots, etc. Ironically enough, all the other tenants that saw me in the garage had said hi and were pleasant. It most situations that is the norm and not blatant profiling and harassment.

Finally, I’m asking to please be civil. I understand many have good intentions and want to right a wrong but doxxing is dangerous and irresponsible. They are and will be answering for their crimes so please keep that in mind before putting someone’s (even these intolerable peoples) information online.





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