police brutality

Following the fatal shooting of 29-year-old South African rugby player Lindani Myeni a few months ago by police officers in Honolulu, Hawaii, injustice is once again at the forefront after officials decided to deem the shooting as justified without any influence of race.

The mother of a Black man fatally shot by a white former Nashville officer sobbed, screamed and knocked over a lectern Friday as she begged a judge not to accept a plea deal she says was struck in secret without her knowledge.

In the case of state police officers in Louisiana, the situation apparently has gotten so bad when it comes to racial targeting and abuse that the Feds are currently embarking on an investigation into their department.

In the lawsuit, which for the first time identifies the officer in question as Solomon D. Simmons III, Donovon Lynch is described to have not been a threat at all to anyone, making his reasoning for being shot very questionable.

An ex-St. Louis police officer was found guilty for his part in the brutal beating of an undercover Black officer, sparked by a protest over the acquittal of police officer Jason Stockley for the 2017 shooting death of 24-year-old Black man Anthony Lamar Smith.

A four household family consisting of 39-year-old Tristin Goods, his wife April and their two daughters, 12-year-old Tristina and 11-year-old Monica, were pretty much harassed by a NY state trooper on a traffic stop three days before Christmas, leading to the death of the youngest child in the car.

In bodycam footage released by the Springfield Police Department and obtained by WICS and WRSP last month, Dartavius Barnes can be heard pleading for officers to return his daughter's ashes once they discover the urn in his car. 

If a white man can live to see his court date after nearly taking an officer's life, why is it so hard for Black people to experience even the slightest bit of equal humanity for doing far less?

A handful of Florida students may never get to read Jewell Parker Rhodes' powerful novel 'Ghost Boys' after two fifth grade classrooms had the book removed from the curriculum following a complaint by the Fraternal Order of Police in Broward County. 

One of the Clayton County cops who beat car passenger Roderick Walker was set to be fired, the Georgia police chief announced after the brutality was recorded on a viral video.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — Body camera videos from a North Carolina jail show a man who died days after his arrest struggling with guards to get up from where he lay on the floor, calling out for his mother and yelling “I can’t breathe!” more than 20 times as they restrained him. The videos released […]

Virginia State Trooper Charles Hewitt is placed on administrative leave.