Some of y’all out there are trying to hold on to your youth even though you know those days are long gone. Even if you “still got it,” your name could be a dead giveaway of your age. Names like Lucille,  Ruth, Gilbert, Hilda and Sylvester really age you. Just accept that you’re getting older…or […]

Old school sayings are the best aren’t they?! Well while we walk around hanging om to our old slang we may be confusing the heck out of our kids. These kids have no idea what “I’m totally getting 12 CDs for a penny,” means. They probably haven’t even seen a CD before. Don’t Miss Out! […]

Some names just have an old school feel to them. DL has listed his top 10 old school names. If you have one of these names don’t get in your feelings, it’s not a bad thing. Roosevelt, Sylvester, and Ruth all made the list! Listen to the audio above and let us know if your […]

The women pioneers of old-school hip-hop have contributed so much, and we rarely give them the credit they deserve! Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders‘ list of ten queens of old-school hip-hop on “The D.L. Hughley Show.” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED:  16 Rare Photos Of The Greatest Hip-Hop Acts Of The ’90s RELATED: […]

Some of those old-school dating rules that we often romanticize are so played out that it would be strange for them to pop up on a first date in 2016! Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders list old-school dating moves that are totally creepy today, on “The D.L. Hughley Show.” Sign Up For Our […]

Today’s first world problems have to do with iPhones and Instagram likes, but nothing was more frustrating than the old school problems of looking for things manually and recording music straight off the radio! Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders take us down memory lane with 10 frustrating things today’s kids will never have to […]

“It’s important to remember that Fred and Lee actually went to Rome in 1979 and showed canvases of their work. And this is two years…

In these discouraging times in the world and these hard times for R&B music, it’s a relief to know you can still count on one band to uplift your soul. Earth, Wind and Fire has just released their latest recording “Now, Then and Forever,” and apt title considering their longevity in the world of music. […]

DJ Spinderella, born Dee Dee Roper, is one of hip-hop’s most enduring pioneers. As the longtime deejay for hip-hop duo Salt N Pepa, Spin has had a front row seat to many of hip-hop’s most historic moments. Her turntable skills have allowed her to travel all over the world, both with the rap duo and […]


This weekend, old school is new again as Earth, Wind and Fire, the O’Jays and Tony, Toni, Tone all are performing around the country. Bishop T.D. Jakes has a new book out to help people with their spiritual walk and Oprah’s “Lifeclass” is giving fatherless sons a voice. Here’s what else is going on this […]