Now that kids are heading back to school, their nutrition, and keeping them rested and healthy for the school year is important. Weight loss expert Robert Ferguson wants to encourage parents to stay on top of their children’s food choices so that they can achieve optimum results during the school year. Here are his tips: […]

Fasting has become the No. 1 most popular diet pattern in the United States for 2018, surpassing paleo and gluten-free diets. With the majority of Americans trying out different forms of fasting, from intermittent fasting to time-restricted eating and prolonged fasting diets, confusion can lead to questions. Felicia Stoler, registered dietitian nutritionist and author of […]

Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, M.D. (Dr. Dawn Psych MD), America’s favorite ADHD Expert, is a double-board certified child & adolescent and adult psychiatrist. She is the owner, CEO and sole practitioner at ADHD Wellness Center and has 2 private practice locations in Texas; she also has a growing virtual presence, offering online appointments. She is […]

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The gap also has to do with African-American kids watching more "youth-targeted" networks.

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President Obama made history on Friday by becoming the first U.S. sitting president to visit the Hiroshima bomb site in Japan. The city was destroyed 71 years ago by the world’s first atomic bomb, dropped by American forces. Prior to his arrival, a large crowd gathered by the memorial site. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister […]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s smart to make healthy food choices. A balanced breakfast fuels you up and preps…

The penis is actually a sensitive tissue composed of blood vessels – veins and arteries, as well as nerves. When a man is having an…

Maria Alexandra Bella, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. is founder and registered dietitian at Top Balance Nutrition, a private practice with offices in New York City and Miami. Founded in 2008, Top Balance Nutrition employs registered dietitians and personal trainers offering individual and group nutrition consultations, corporate wellness programs, and personal training packages. Maria is certified in […]

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What does your body really need? Yolanda Adams discusses the amazingness of your body, how it was made, and why needs to be taken care of! Get The…

Nutritionist Christopher Speed has good news for fans of dairy, red meat and eggs. He says that several studies show these foods are actually full of nutrients the body needs. The  nutrition director and the founder of Minami Nutrition USA, Speed has a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney, and continues […]

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There is an old nutrition adage, “ if a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.” Many…

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WASHINGTON (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama is striking back at House Republicans who are trying to weaken healthier school meal standards, saying any effort to roll back the guidelines is “unacceptable.” The rules set by Congress and the administration over the last several years require more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the lunch […]