Little Known Black History Facts

Though he became an NBA legend, Elvin Hayes almost didn’t play basketball. If not for a school teacher who pushed him into sport in middle school, his life may have been quite different. The NBA Hall of Famer was born November 17, 1945 in Rayville, La. Hayes was incorrectly punished for a class prank and […]

Little Known Black History Facts

Connie “The Hawk” Hawkins was a New York playground basketball legend who eventually went on to have a NBA Hall of Fame career. The Brooklyn native died last Friday (Oct. 6) at the age of 75, leaving behind a storied career that should have been bigger than it was. Hawkins was born July 17, 1942 […]


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Allen Iverson walked onto a familiar court to a rousing ovation and then took an unfamiliar spot on the sideline. The Answer was Coach AI in his Big3 homecoming. Iverson said a few hours before his team played against Dr. J’s squad that his doctor advised him not to play Sunday night […]

Moses Malone devoured rebounds so easily it sometimes seemed he missed shots on purpose to pad his total before scoring. All those points and rebounds made Malone an NBA great. A few words, and one championship, made him a Philadelphia sports icon. Malone, a three-time NBA MVP and one of basketball’s most ferocious rebounders, died […]

  At the end of each season in the modern National Basketball Association era, free agency fever sweeps through the teams and fans alike. Big stars either remain with their squad for big paydays and contract extensions, or end up taking their talents to other teams. Those players are able to expand their career options […]