Michael Bivins

Congratulations to 49-year-old Michael Bivins of New Edition, Bell Biv DeVoe and RBRM fame for receiving his honorary high school diploma from Belmont High School in Belmont, Massachusetts. The Boston native Bivins left school his sophomore year to pursue his music career.   In an interview with WHDH, the he shared, “It’s never too late, don’t ever feel like you can’t go back […]

One of TV’s most anticipated projects is only a few short months away, as BET’s New Edition miniseries is all done and ready to captivate audiences with a 3-night extravaganza that tells the entire story of one of the most successful R&B groups in history. Not only does it tell the story of New Edition […]

When I think of Father’s Day and all the memories as a child, the part that sticks out the most, is that my father was always gone working  and representing the country in the Navy and my mother, Shirley, held things down at the crib. They never married. We lived in Orchard Park Projects in […]

Are you a New Edition fan? Then this is your summer. The “All Six” tour kicks off on June 26, which means candy girls will have the chance to see the whole group on tour. The first run is 28 dates but as they’ve done before they will likely crisscross the country a few times. […]