Charles Booker, Kentucky's 1st Black Democratic nominee for US Senate, got graphic on the topic of lynching in his latest attack on Rand Paul.

The latest act of racism on school grounds involves a teacher at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago that got himself suspended after an altercation with another teacher over a Black doll that appeared to be hanging from a string in his classroom for all students to see.

After a century that saw over 200 attempts to ban lynching get denied, Congress has finally enacted the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act that's currently en route to President Joe Biden for officiation.

The gruesome 1955 lynching of Black teen Emmett Till ignited a civil rights movement led by his mom, Mamie Till-Mobley, and now both will soon be recognized by the Senate for their pain & suffering after a bill was passed to posthumously award them with the Congressional Gold Medal.

A private investigation by lawyer and civil rights activist Jill Collen Jefferson revealed that at least eight Black people have been lynched in Mississippi since 2000, carrying its unfortunate legacy as the state with the most lynchings on record.


Two men are in jail for sickeningly racist Independence Day incident that went viral.


FHATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — There’s little disagreement that the object found in a white Mississippi firefighter’s locker was a hangman’s noose. But as with many things in America these days, there’s deep disagreement about what it meant. To some it was a reminder of lynchings that took hundreds of black lives in Mississippi, and it […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) — R. Kelly says boycotting his music because of the sexual abuse allegations against him amounts to a “public lynching.” Bill Cosby‘s people say his conviction was a lynching, too. Kanye West, in trying to defend his inflammatory comments about slavery, has been tweeting lynching imagery to assure fans he won’t be silenced. […]


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The public is getting its first look at a lynching memorial and museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, opening Thursday, is dedicated to 4,400 individuals who lost their lives in lynchings and other racial killings between 1877 and 1950. Their names are engraved on 800 steel […]

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If you are teacher who resorts to lynching threats to get your students to work — it’s time to find a new gig. According to Tanisha Agee-Bell, a white teacher at Mason Middle School in Mason, Ohio threatened her 13-year-old son with  a lynching if he didn’t get back to work. WLWT5 reports that the […]

CLAREMONT, N.H. (AP) — Teenagers in New Hampshire taunted an 8-year-old biracial boy with racial slurs and then pushed him off of a picnic table with a rope around his neck, injuring him, the boy’s family said. The child was treated at a hospital for cuts to his neck following the near-hanging Aug. 28 in […]