Nicole Murphy was caught kissing Antwon Faqua, who is married to Lela Rochon. Some people online believe Faqua was justified in cheating because Rochon gained weight over the years. Willie Moore let’s his listeners keep it 100 “the way a women looks is some times a reflection of the way that man is treating her.”

A listener says her husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring because he doesn’t like jewelry. Willie asks if she should be concerned about that. One caller says he’s been married for almost 25 years and he feels “lost” without his ring. Another caller believes that wearing the ring shows that you respect the promise that […]

Willie Moore Jr. believes that there is “power in agreement.” So, Willie asks listeners to finish this sentence, “if me and my mate could get on one accord in this area, I think things could be a whole lot better.” One caller believes she and her husband need to become a united front when it […]

Willie has a 10-year-old son who got a phone for Christmas and wants to download Instagram. Willie thinks 10 is too young for social media. He thinks back to being a young teen and doesn’t understand how kids today can handle all of the pressure of growing up plus social media. A caller thinks that […]

For days all people have been talking about is Surviving R. Kelly. For many parents, including this caller it was hard to imagine allowing your child enough freedom to get involved with an adult male. Seeing the documentary rose a lot of questions like “where are the parents” and why were all of the other […]

Rae Carruth spent 18 years in prison after having the mother of his child shot while she was pregnant with their son. The woman died, but their child survived and is now 18-years-old. The young man was raised by his grandmother, and now Carruth wants to meet his son. Listeners have different opinions about what […]

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  Is there a wrong or right time when introducing your child to a new mate? Willie gives his two cents and shares his blended family experience. Follow The Nightly Spirit on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter! 

Keep It 100, Willie Moore Jr Show

In this edition of Keep It 100, Willie asks whether or not a pastor was wrong for turning away a person who stopped by his house for guidance. Follow The Nightly Spirit on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter! 

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In this installment of “Keep It 100”, Willie Moore Jr. asks people to give their thoughts on a convicted felon’s struggle to find a job after being released from prison. Follow The Nightly Spirit on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter!