k. michelle

Singer and reality star, K. Michelle, born Kimberly Michelle Pate, is going against the mainstream to do something unpopular, but needed. Remember back in November…

Who else has given their butt a name? K.Michelle recently announced that her booty, aka "Betsy" is no longer receiving injections.

K. Michelle revealed that she spent her Christmas taking legal action against unidentified offenders that have made her life a living hell. “What was meant for my bad yesterday actually turned out for my good. For over 4 months now I’ve been stalked and threatened,” K. Michelle revealed in a Christmas post on Instagram. “I’ve […]

If you thought the singer was lying about her relationship with Idris Elba, then she has some choice words for you!

It was good while it lasted, but K. Michelle is gearing up to bring her body back to its original form with saying good-bye to her butt enhancements. According to the singer, the decision stems from a desire to be taken seriously when handling her business. “I have like movies and different things [I’m working […]

K.Michelle thinks it’s time to make a change to her signature look, so she’s getting rid of her booty enhancements. Aside from her out-of-this-world vocal skills, K.Michelle has always been known for her curvaceous shape. It’s almost the first thing people notice about her appearance. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing for some entertainers, […]

K. Michelle put her celebrity toward a worthy cause as she posted topless photos of herself on Instagram in honor of #NoBraDay, a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer.     Was K. Michelle’s efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer a good idea or would it be considered a fail, […]

Earlier this month, BET announced that everyone’s favorite celebrity prank show Punk’d would be making it’s triumphant return on their network this fall and the debut…

BET’s revival of MTV’s Punk’d premiered on Tuesday with Chris Brown as its first victim. The singer is led to believe he’s about to shoot a video with French Montana. On the remote set, he comes across a 9-year-old fan who tells him her parents are nowhere to be found and left her alone on […]

NBA star J.R. Smith is known for being a ladies’ man. His roster off the court is pretty strong; the free agent has been linked to…

K. Michelle agrees to donate to teenager's track meet fund.