BOSTON (AP) — A state senator’s husband was indicted Thursday on charges of sexual assault, distributing nude photos without consent and criminal lewdness. The indictment of Bryon Hefner, the husband of Democratic Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, came months after The Boston Globe reported on allegations that Hefner sexually harassed or abused several men, some of whom […]

Jennifer Hudson would like a judge to order her ex-fiancè, David Otunga, to get and keep a job. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Hudson told the court, as part of the couple’s volitile custody and support battle over their son, that she plans to file a motion to force Otunga to “seek […]

103-year-old Ethel Stevenson says the secret to her longevity is her dedication to servicing the community. Stevenson works every day at the Ethel V. Stevenson Senior Center in Ecorse—a building that bears her name to honor her 60-year career at the community center, WJBK reported. Her job is to coordinate senior transportation, and when she […]

Here are some tips for developing a successful follow-up strategy.

Looking good doesn’t always work in your favor. According to a new study, the chances of a handsome man getting hired for a job is lower than someone who isn’t. Why you ask? Listen to the audio player to hear why attractive men are hired less in the latest Jazzy Report! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to […]

  Inspired by the Bible’s Book Of Job, the new TV One movie To Hell And Back starring Vanessa Bell Calloway and Ernie Hudson takes a contemporary look at the story of Job. Job, as you may know, remained God’s faithful servant even as his life deteriorated around him. As things got worse for Job, […]

According to Jasmine Sanders, Sweden is giving their employees an easier way to access the office. Listen to the audio player to hear how you can enter with just a wave of a hand in the latest Jazzy Report! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the “The D.L. Hughley Show” LIVE weekdays 3-7 p.m. EST! RELATED: Man Goes Above […]

. This touching story went viral this week, and with good reason. Listen to the audio player to hear how a Target employee went above and beyond to help a high school student do well on his job interview, and why he’s an exceptional Human Being of the Week! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to […]

  There are so many reports out there about exercise, you don’t know whether to chill, jog, or run to stay in shape. Well, a new study surfaced about which is better for your overall health. Listen to the audio player to find out which form of fitness you should be doing in the latest Jazzy Report! Sign Up […]

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