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  Teddy Pendergrass‘ widow is accusing his children of causing her a great deal of humiliation and grief over the late singer’s will … and now she is suing them for damages caused by emotional distress. Teddy passed away due to respiratory failure in 2010. According to his will, he left his entire estate to […]

  The Teddy and Joan Pendergrass Foundation presents the traveling exhibition: “I Am Who I Am”. Joan talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what to expect from the exhibit and what kinds of memorabilia fans can expect. “It’s a fundraising event to show all of Teddy’s memorabilia to the public.The purpose of this […]

  Joann Pendergrass, was iconic soul singer Teddy Pendegrass’ second wife. The two were a happy couple until Pendergrass death. They met cute – Pendergrass’ relative once wrote Teddy an encouraging letter after his 1982 accident and they became friends. When she died, Joan thought Teddy should know and that sparked a friendship that turned […]