Grab your blankets and check under the bed before peeping our list of 10 scariest music videos to watch for the Halloween season.

Musician and fashion icon Pharrell Williams is joining forces with Tracy Oliver the writer of the hilarious Girls Trip are bringing an adaption of the YA book Survive The Night to the big screen. According to the Hollywood Reporter,  Warner Bros. got on board with the film right away. Oliver will write the script and direct while Williams will […]

Oleebo, the bootleg warrior, is reviewing “Ouija,” a supernatural movie about teens who make a disturbing discovery on the other side after going a little too deep into investigations of a ouija board. Sadly, the flick only got two handbags from Oleebo! Click on the audio player to find out why he gave it such a […]

  Movies are a form of art imitating life. The horror classic “Carrie” is about a girl with the power of telekinesis who exacts revenge…