Diane Nash is one of the most important icons of the civil rights movement, although her contributions were often overshadowed by more well-known male figures. Though she preferred a low profile and never sought the spotlight, Nash is a living Black heroine who continues to work for equal rights for all. Sign Up For Our […]

Freedom Rider George Raymond The goals of the courageous “Freedom Riders,” a collective of Black and white civil rights activists who rode buses into the deep South to protest segregation on bus lines, faced major odds in the early ’60’s. On this day in 1961, 27 riders were arrested amid a warning from then Attorney […]

The late James Farmer rose to prominence as one of the more visible civil rights leaders of his time. On this day in 1998, Farmer was honored by President Bill Clinton with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Martin Luther King Day, just three days after his birthday. Farmer was born January 12, 1920 in […]

Joan Trampauer Mulholland achieved a series of notable firsts over the course of her life. She holds the distinction of being the first white student to integrate Mississippi’s Tougaloo College, and she is also the first white student to join the Black Greek sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. Born Joan Nelson on September 14, 1941, Mulholland […]

The Freedom Rides were part of a series of protests against the outlawed practice of bus segregation conducted primarily by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). The first ride began on May 4, 1961, with a group of “Freedom Riders” leaving Washington, D.C. The Freedom Riders, a collective of Black and White civil rights activists […]