An infamous 2016 plane crash on EgyptAir made for a reminder that tragedy can strike at any given moment while in-flight, and new details in the investigation now reveal that it all could've been avoided if not for a cigarette that was lit by the pilot.

As the investigation continues into how and why 14-year-old Tyre Sampson lost his life after falling to his death while riding the “Orlando Free-Fall” at ICON Park, it now appears that famed attorney Ben Crump has been hired to get justice for the 8th grader's family. 

A teenage boy visiting Florida entertainment destination ICON Park on Thursday died after a ride he took on the popular "Orlando Free-Fall" attraction ended up being fatal.


A Florida father was crushed to death in a porta-potty when a coworker accidentally ran it over in a bulldozer.

A Maryland home was accidentally burned to the ground by an owner trying to get rid of a snake infestation, officials said.


A sophomore at Penn State was found dead in a landfill last week after she allegedly took a deadly plunge down a trash chute. 


A father and son died in a freak accident while transporting bags of firecrackers to a family event on Thursday.

For one aspiring actress in Duluth, Georgia, the freak accident that led to her death by way of a stray bullet not only came from her careless neighbor but occurred while she was actually sleeping. 

A Florida woman unfortunately became the victim of a freak accident after she was fatally shot while on a Zoom call for work, and sadly the person behind the gun was her own toddler.