Stephanie Robinson  joins TJMS to talk about the concept of black people  hurting their ownselves with actions  we decide to do. Whether it is fighting in clubs like Chris Brown and Drake or purchasing clothes like the shackle shoes even with the underlying racism.

The recent Chris Brown/Drake brawl has been a hot topic this week. Many have given their two cents on the violent event and now comedian Will Ferrell has something to say. Ferrell took to Twitter to express his thoughts, and as always, he's found the humor in the event. "Terrance J just said on 106 […]

A woman who says she was trampled during the brawl allegedly sparked by beef between Chris Brown and Drake has filed a lawsuit against the club where it took place, believing it should be held responsible for her injuries. Vladimira “Ladi” Brace, 22, told DNAinfo.com she was celebrating a “girls night” with friends at the […]

Dominique talks with TJMS about Father's Day, Octomom's stripping, Chris Webber's debt, and more.

Professional basketball star Tony Parker says he suffered a scratched retina on one of his eyes during a New York City nightclub brawl involving singer Chris Brown and members of hip-hop star Drake's entourage. The guard for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association, wearing dark sunglasses, described the incident Friday in Paris […]

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police are investigating whether shots were fired inside a nightclub during a bottle-throwing brawl involving singer Chris Brown and Drake's entourage. Some witnesses report hearing shots during the dust-up Thursday morning at W.i.P in SoHo, but no one reported seeing a gun. Police are looking into the claims. […]

Chris Brown has reportedly been left with a serious gash after an alleged fight with rapper Drake and his entourage over Rihanna. British newspaper The Sun reports that the incident took place in a New York nightclub. Chris posted the above photo of his injury on Twitter, but he later deleted it, along with several […]

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police investigated a report Thursday of a bar brawl involving hip-hop stars Drake and Chris Brown and their entourages in which bottles flew and five people were injured. Brown tweeted a photo of himself with a cut chin, then later removed it, as well as other messages about […]

This week, rapper DMX, who lost both his wife and career to drugs, infidelity and alcohol, admitted on the reality show “Couples Therapy” that part of the reason for his dysfunction was the abuse he took from his mother who he said never loved him. On a new “Behind the Music” the usually private Nas […]