Donald Trump

Progressive political group is calling for Donald Trump to be dumped as a spokesperson for Macy’s department stores. Trump appears in a holiday advertisement for the retail chain, in which he alludes to his questions about President Barack Obama’s citizenship by questioning Santa Claus’s true identity. Move On has now authored an online petition […]

Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about Donald Trump, Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes lateness, Diane Sawyer, and more on the TJMS.

Donald Trump unraveled on Twitter last night after President Barack Obama won re-election. “Well, back to the drawing board!” the mogul tweeted shortly after several networks, including Fox News, called Ohio in the president’s favor, sealing the win. “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is […]

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — What's real estate mogul Donald Trump got against President Barack Obama? The president says it's an old grudge that goes back — way, way back — to their childhood days in Kenya. "We had constant run-ins on the soccer fields," Obama told "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno during a tongue-in-cheek knock […]

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NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump has a deal for President Barack Obama — if he releases his college and passport records, the New York real estate mogul will contribute $5 million to a charity of Obama's choice. Trump made the announcement Wednesday in a video posted to his Twitter account. He called Obama "the […]

Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about Donald Trump and much more on the TJMS.

It was only a matter of time for Donald Trump to stir controversy as Election Day approaches. Donald Trump claims that he has a big announcement about President Barack Obama. "I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States," Trump told "Fox & Friends." "I will be announcing it sometime probably […]

Last night, Mitt Romney became the official Republican nominee and was later greeted by Donald Trump in celebration. Trump took this time to again reiterate his belief that Obama was not born in the United States. Again, charging the birther campaign against President Barack Obama and setting off extremists across the United States. Sharpton believes […]

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Mitt Romney's presidential campaign collided with Donald Trump's "birther" rhetoric on Tuesday as the reality television star hosted a fundraiser for the Republican while claiming again that President Barack Obama is foreign-born. The debunked conspiracy theory among conservative activists dubbed "birthers" charges that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to serve in […]