Oxford's official "Black Dictionary" is coming to a bookstore near you!


Dictionary.com has announced plans to update their definition of ‘black‘ after being branded racist by New Jersey-based artist Nyshayla Barnes. The 21-year-old took to Twitter recently to share his annoyance at the negative descriptors associated with the term. She posted a screengrab of the synonyms alongside ‘black’, which include ‘dark, dingy, depressing, devilish and sinful.’ As reported […]

Webster added over 600 new words to its dictionary for 2019. They added words like stan, which means an extremely devoted fan. But Chris Paul is more entertained by the words that they decided not to add. Like, peesome which is a threesome involving R. Kelly. They also decided not to add napvodka, which is […]

1/30/18- Tom really wished that Kym and Sherri were on the show yesterday when Mo’Nique defended herself. They would have been perfect seeing as Guy Torry wasn’t ready for all of Mo’Nique! We find out that back in the day Kym and Mo’Nique had a beef with each other that they’ve since squashed. READ MORE […]

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