When most of us hear the name DeBarge we immediately think of Al DeBarge. But, Russ Parr says “Al will be the first one to tell you that Bobby was the most talented in the family;” Bobby was also abused. Back in the day there were rumors that we all heard but we didn’t know […]

If you remember the dramatic story of the DeBarge singing family from their Unsung episode, it should be no surprise that the network has decided to produce a DeBarge biopic. That’s just one of the scripted TV movies and shows that the network announced at this week’s upfront presentation, where TV networks announce their plans […]

Mark DeBarge, the fifth child in the singing family, is reportedly in trouble with drugs. Law enforcement sources tells, DeBarge was in his hotel room with a woman early Wednesday morning — when the woman’s parole officer stopped by for a routine check-up. We’re told the officer searched the room and discovered narcotics. Once […]