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While paying off $1,700 in credit card debt in 2014, Jamie Griffin cut up his card. To tackle the remaining $90,000 in student loans he and his wife carried, he read personal finance experts’ tips and turned to cash and a spreadsheet to budget. Now that most of their debt is paid off, he’s giving […]

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  Financial expert Jini Thornton wants to see people living their best money life. So she’s open to helping people get better informed about their finances. This week, she answers listener questions about car buying, bankruptcy, and more. Listen below: Follow The Willie Moore Jr. Show on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter! 

Mellody Hobson is talking to us about a troubling new report on how our credit scores are used. Mellody: We all know that our credit score – which is calculated based on a number of factors, such as paying our bills on time – impacts what interest rate we get on a car loan, or the […]

  Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds and separate accounts. Additionally, she is a regular financial contributor and analyst for CBS News. Tom: Good morning!   Mellody: Good morning, Tom.   Tom: What is on tap this […]

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who have paid off all of their credit card bills, congratulations! However, that doesn’t mean that you’re done…

Anything Beyonce does is definitely going to be scrutinized. Beyonce could sneeze and someone will ask if she sneezed diamonds. Well one part of Beyonce’s…


Credit problems disproportionately affect African Americans for a variety of reasons — historically lower incomes, higher unemployment, being hit especially hard hit by the subprime…

Singer/songwriter Solange Knowles is not to be played with. After checking rapper Phonte over some comments she deemed negative, the youngest Knowles daughter is in…


While we were on break, a story broke about credit that blew my mind. Brace yourself for this: Watch the company you keep, because your Facebook friends can lower your credit score. Some lending companies think that social connections on Facebook can be a good indicator of a person’s creditworthiness. One site, Lenddo, determines if […]

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal jury in Oregon awarded $18.6 million to a woman who spent two years unsuccessfully trying to get Equifax Information Services to fix major mistakes on her credit report. Julie Miller of Marion County was awarded $18.4 million in punitive damages and $180,000 in compensatory damages, though Friday’s award against […]

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Roland Martin talks with financial wiz Deborah Owens about what you can do to become credit card savvy and overcome debt.

A lot of people need to know how to fix your credit, and Lex Hadley from breaks it down on what you need to…