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Anything Beyonce does is definitely going to be scrutinized. Beyonce could sneeze and someone will ask if she sneezed diamonds. Well one part of Beyonce’s life that constantly gets scrutinized is her actual songwriting abilities. While Beyonce always gets a songwriting credit for any song she sings, many wonder exactly how much writing she contributes to these songs. It was later alleged Beyonce will change a word or add some harmonies and automatically get a songwriting credit. One famous songwriter says that isn’t songwriting and Queen Bey knows it too.

Famous songwriter Linda Perry, who is responsible for writing Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful” and Alicia Keys‘ “Superwoman,” addressed Beyonce’s songwriting abilities during her Reddit Ask Me anything. A fan sent in  a question asking g Perry whether it bothered her when artists muscled in on songwriting credits after only making minor changes to a song. Linda Perry is one to always shoot straight from the hip, said, “Well um that’s not songwriting but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are. but everyone knows the real truth even Beyonce. She is talented but in a completely different way.”

Beyonce has come under fire for claiming she wrote songs when she really only made minor adjustments to them. In 2008, Bey was taken to task for saying she wrote “Irreplaceable” when everyone and their mother knows Ne-Yo wrote that song. However, in a 2012 interview, Ne-Yo said he had no problem giving Beyonce songwriting credit on “Irreplaceable” because she wrote harmonies into the song that he didn’t so he considers that songwriting.

Obviously, Linda Perry doesn’t see it like that.

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7 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Songwriting Abilities Clowned By Songwriter Linda Perry

  1. She is absolutely right. Adding harmonies is not song writing. When I write a song, I write the hook and all of the verses. Harmonies don’t have anything to do with the written words. Linda know’s exactly what she is talking about.

  2. Guest on said:

    Only folks well versed in the musical world would know Linda Perry. She definitely has the resume, skills & experience to make and back up her statement. Artists create masterpieces from nothing. That doesn’t mean putting pictures in frames. Kudos to her for speaking the truth.

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